Meetup Groups
The Context Network is the umbrella community and producing organization for the Spark Sundays events. Currently we host a network of local meetup groups (see list below). Plans are in development for an online hub and a unique face to face meeting space.Through the Context Network our intention is to provide our members with the resources, environments and experiences that support their values and provide practical results in the real world.
With a growing community of over 8200, there’s lots of opportunities to find like minded people and meet in more intimate settings. We are currently looking for local organizers, speakers and sponsors for our meetup groups. For more information email Trish.


  Entreprenuer ALLIES goes beyond traditional networking. Let’s collaborate, share resources, build skills and create ways to better support each other as Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Creatives, Consultants, Practitioners, Angel Investors, Change Agents and Visionaries. This group currently meets in Boston, New York City and Northampton, MA. Specialized groups include: Nonprofit Allies and Green Business Allies. 
  The EROS meetup is for individuals and couples interested in sharing and learning about love, sexuality, men and women, relationships and the ecstatic…..creating more connection and capacity for enjoyment.  This group explores a wide range of topics both in the personal and the broader social and cultural contexts. All denominations, orientations and lifestyles are welcome. This group currently meets in Boston, New York City, Northampton, MA and Portland, MEA subcategory of this group is SINGLES, which currently has two additional groups: Singles Dance Party and Singles Dinner Party.
  EXPRESS Yourself offers an opportunity to join other passionate individuals in exploring the world of ideas, self-expression, creativity and experimentation. Perfect for professional and amateur creatives of all types (performers, graphic artists, writers, singers/songwriters, comedians, musicians, film makers, dancers….you get the idea!) as well as educators/experts/authors, thought leaders, and those of us that are just happy to ham it up. Do you like participating by being an appreciative audience member or learning new things? Great, you can join too! This group currently meets in Boston. There is a related dance party group called Revelry.
  Embracing the full spectrum from ancient traditions and the occult to cutting edge science, SOUL Experiments Meetup gathers those interested in exploring consciousness, spirituality, energy and the multidimensional nature of ourselves and reality. Let’s experiment, play and learn together!  Let’s create a safe space to share our experiences. This group currently meets in Boston, New York City and Northampton, MA.
  Everyday UTOPIA is for Practical Idealist to share ideas, skills and resources….a place to vision, debate and collaborate. Let’s have conversations that have never happened before! Let’s create real world solutions that celebrate our individual desires and honor the needs of our collective future. Let’s enjoy the process and each other. This group currently meets in Boston and Northampton, MA.
  COLLIDE launched in September 2012 with a huge response, reaching over 200 subscribers in just 24 hours (usually takes 6months to a year to reach 100 in an average meetup). This group encourages creating at the intersection of Technology, Science, Arts and Culture. Boston
Recently launched in Boston in September 2012, Vital Bodies explores health, holistic therapies, fitness, nutrition, body work, movement, beauty, fashion and all things that contribute to inner and outer health and beauty. Boston